• Maggio, Florence - Dreamer


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    Artist: Florence Maggio

    Origin: Porto-Vecchio, France

    Framed size: 22" x 18"

    (Enclosed back custom frame.)

    Medium: Acrylic, mixed medium

    Artist's Bio: I am a dreamy and passionate self-taught artist. I always express myself creatively and most often intuitively. My artistic work is multifaceted. I studied the history of the Arts and I mainly practice painting but also sewing and embroidery since my youngest age. I teach art, drawing, and painting to different audiences and especially to children. Creating gives me an intense feeling of energy and escape. I like to explore the creative process until, little by little, my creations reveal my emotions. My love of colors and textures naturally leads me to the choice of mixed media because they offer a greater freedom of expression. I like to explore and experiment constantly new techniques, play with textures and reliefs, I like to include vintage materials in my creations. My subjects of predilection are the feminine grace expressed with gentle naïveté, and romanticism.

    This piece is a one-of-a-kind original. Artist signed Certificate of Authenticity included. 

    All artists maintain the rights to their works.

    Please Note:  The colors in the actual piece may vary slightly due to photographic and computer monitor settings.