• Estébanez, David -Impressionistic Drop of Przybylski


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    Artist: David Estébanez

    Origin: Avilés, Spain

    Framed size: 29" x 22"

    (Custom heavy acrylic sandwich frame.)    

    Medium: Watercolor, white gouache

    Artist's Bio:  My name is David Estébanez Lorenzo. I was born in Avilés, Spain, in 1972. My father, Ángel Estébanez, is a watercolor artist, and I have lived in this environment since I was born.I have a degree in Philosophy from the University of Oviedo where I studied “Aesthetics”, understood as Philosophy of Art, with Dr. Lluis X. Álvarez, and I also studied postgraduate studies in Aesthetics. I have painted and drawn since always, but with assiduity in the last twelve years. I have been advised and guided in many technical and practical aspects of the skill by my friend, teacher, and Spanish painter D. Enrique Mata. Watercolor is my passion, understood as an activity that combines the rules of technique with the complexity of the medium, in my case water, and the unexpected effects desired and not, that happens. I believe in sensitivity guided by the technique of the skill. I believe that art represents nature, both of things and of people, and offers an open interpretation that is created and recreated before each eye. It is not closed, but open to all eyes. He has the grace that through it allows him to see one within himself.

    This piece is a one-of-a-kind original. Artist signed Certificate of Authenticity included. 

    All artists maintain the rights to their works.

    Please Note:  The colors in the actual piece may vary slightly due to photographic and computer monitor settings.